Jordan Murray

As tasty as a martini and addictive enough to put Prozac outta business, this fella’s one to watch. Leaving his sports-mad family scratching their heads, he took himself off to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in the mid-’90s. There he started a musical career that sees him playing to turn-away crowds, composing, arranging and teaching. His recordings include 3 albums with the Paul Williamson Quartet and the album ‘What could be’ with Ish Ish. He has performed with renowned international and Australian artists including Aretha Franklin, Billy Harper, Renee Geyer, Tommy Emmanuel, Ross Wilson, Christine Anu, and James Morrison. When he’s not off in a corner reading the most difficult charts like they were Little Golden Books, he keeps his lung capacity up by swimming and skulling beer. If you want to learn his secrets, get yourself a desk in one of his many classes: Victorian College of the Arts, RMIT, Monash or Blackburn High. What does Jordo think about B#? “Henry is in the building – thank god he arrived on the scene!”

Ian Bell

For someone who started music classes to get out of ‘real subjects’ at school, Ian sure did end up doing a lot of hard work on the trombone! With inspiration from Armstrong, Sinatra, Nelson Riddle, and Gil Evans, Ian went on to play with the Channel 9 band for 2 years, as well as heading up the ‘bone’ for Ray Charles, Jerry Lewis, Wayne Newton, Shirley Bassey, and Anthony Warlow’s Japan tour. Proudest of all, he played with the (surviving) Glenn Miller Band and Tommy Dorsey Bands in 1996. Pheww! Somewhere in amongst all this, Ian has ended up back at school, but up the front this time, teaching music at Scotch College and University High. He raises his glass of rough red wine to Henry and B#, and to the achievement of long-held dreams.

Ben Gillespie

This cat has been around! There can’t have been a whole heap of jazz around parts of the Northern Territory that Ben grew up in – we can only imagine that ‘chops’ meant something different in Kakadu than they did at the Victorian College of the Arts, where Ben ended up graduating in music performance. Inspired by his folk-singer father and many diverse types of 20th-century music, Ben is talented, flexible and undeniably funky. Although he has done live tours (including Eric Burdon) and recordings with Tim Rogers (UMI) and Kerri Simpson, he is perhaps best known for his cutting edge work as singer, trombone and ukulele player for Melbourne bands ‘The Hoodangers’ and ‘The Band Who Knew Too Much’. With a musical vibe described as ‘ Jelly Roll Morton meets Sex Pistols’, the ‘Dangers’ hold court as Melbourne’s favorite feral trad jazz group. They have taken Ben through Russia, Europe, Asia, the US, Canada, and New Zealand. After all this travel, he still gets excited by being in Melbourne and in B#- ‘These are good people, I toast them all’, he says, lifting his beer.

Simon Scerri

Recently described as the ‘delicious ball of ice-cream on top of the B# purple music stand cone’, ‘Rock’ is familiar to Melbourne jazz and swing audiences. His music role-models are Ray Charles and George Roberts, but he claims his life role-models (Batman & Fred Flintstone) have made the difference. His musical highlight was playing with Jerry Lewis – ‘A legend in MY lifetime’ and on the film ‘Garbo’ (as in Greta, not the men in trucks). He has done loads of TV work, mostly with the Channel 9 band. He likes to relax with beer and bourbon (separate glasses) and says that if Henry buys him a few he won’t tell everyone that he remembers Henry from a band they used to play in together a million years ago called ‘Trade Spares’.