Cam Mitchell

On his role with B#: ‘My job is to make sure the gig runs as smoothly as possible. Success is when the audience is only ever aware of the music and the energy of the performance. Leave the rest to me. The professionalism of these musos makes my job a dream. They trust me, and I give them peace of mind in return. My experience working on festivals such as The Melbourne Festival, The Next Wave Festival, St Kilda Festival and a whole bunch of other theatrical productions, makes me very excited about helpin’ B# achieve it’s sound and production objectives!”

His Favourite Big Band: Count Basie ‘Live at the Sands’ (‘What energy!)
His Favourite Drink: The first one after the gig goes off like a dream…again.
His Hobbies: DJing and teaching swing dancing for Swing Patrol in Melbourne – taught 80 people this week, and counting!

John Harvey

No doubt about it, he’s B#’s top cat when it comes to puttin’ the polish on our infectious Big Band sound! John’s got the knowledge and the gear to ensure you’ll always hear it in it’s full, invigorating glory! Whether it be a vast outdoor space or a cavernous concert hall, you’re always guaranteed a ‘front row seat experience’ when John’s at the helm.

And when he’s not busy mixin’ for the B# team, he’s happy to help you with your audio needs. For details, click here: HB Audio Otherwise, more info on the man with the perfect mix comin’ soon!

Jim Edwards

Cam’s right hand man (and left hand and legs and sometimes brain).

On His experience: 4 years experience behind the scenes with rock bands: Moler & Charter 77.
On B#: I’ve been to see ‘just another swing band’- this isn’t it.
His Favourite Drink: Mt Franklin mineral water
His Hobbies: Skateboarding, Swing dancing, playing guitar.
On Swing: Swing is another freedom and mode of expression. It’s a raw combination of 40’s melody with sheer punk, in my book. The feeling goes hand in hand – Both extreme departures from the norm.