Tim Wilson

If John Coltrane hadn’t set Tim on the road to blowing some truth, his musical family would still have had a hand in it. Even Grandma tickled some mean ivory. Tim’s sizzling sax and crooning clarinet can be heard in the Tim Wilson Trio, Logic and on tour with some of the biggest acts that wind their way across this wide brown land, including Ray Charles, Olivia Newton John, The Black Sorrowes and the even the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. He has a strict physical and mental regime that keeps him fit to play that includes Basketball, Aikido and Scotch & Dry.

David Gardner

Nothing underhanded about the way this cat acquired his talent. Like all the masters of jazz saxophone and clarinet before him – perfect practice leading to wide-ranging experience is what’s made Dave Gardner the admired and acclaimed performer he is today.

“An amateur practices it until he gets it right, a professional practice it until he can’t get it wrong.” – Stephen Hillier

We can assume that Dave has clocked up more than his fair share of practice hours if his mastery of the harmonic languages of modern jazz clarinet and the alto sax is anything to go by. Ever mindful of his jazz heroes – Dave offers us the technical proficiencies of Marshall Royal and Benny Goodman, mixed with the lyricism of Lee Konitz and Artie Shaw. A powerful and rich tone that has seen him tour, perform and record extensively – including his own album ‘Artistic Lament’ nominated for best jazz album. He has lead the Royal Australian Air Force Stage Band and supported many crack overseas musicians. Straw polls indicate he’s regarded by many as the best clarinet player in our country, but we won’t tell him or he’ll likely blush! His easygoing, humble and generous contribution to the band continues off-stage in the form of Big Band writing and arranging. Of playing with the B# Big Band he says: “Great group of guys that all have one focus in music, to play the best they can, and swing their arses off in the process!”

Anton Delecca

Can you see this curly cutie performing at the piano for his mother’s friends? Came a time though, when he was more interested in their daughters, so at the age of 14, he moved to sax. “The girls are gonna love me,” thought the adolescent Lothario – and right he was. He performed his first gig at age 15 and has since taken’ his instrument on tour through Europe, Asia and music school in New York with Dave Liebman, Chris Potter, and George Garzone.

Inspired by the work of Ellington, Basie, and Dexter Gordon, Anton has been blowing beautiful and hypnotic lines for years, in diverse musical formats from blasting Big Bands to intimate small groups led by Max Roach, Arthur Blythe, Niko Schauble & Ruby Carter. He featured on the soundtrack for MTC’s ‘The Blue Room’ in 2003 and has performed with Melbourne’s leading Latin-Cuban-Salsa band, Los Cabrones, as well as The Cat Empire, The Bamboos, Rumberos, The Australian Showband and on Bert Newton’s Good Morning Australia. He composes in between gigs, including for his own band – ‘The Anton Delecca Quartet’. Albums released to date featuring Anton include ‘Flow’ on Newmarket music, and the self-titled album for his other jazz combo – ‘The Situationists’. About B# he says: “It feels really good to me… really good!”

Ian Whitehurst

Out there among the pack of slick-haired musos are a few who can take that magic old-school sound and turn it inside out. Ian proved he’d made the right move from the drums to the tenor sax when he stood up to accept the 2002 ARIA award for Best Jazz Release with the Andrea Keller Quartet. In the same year, he placed in the WANG Saxophone finals. His musical role-models Coleman Hawkins and Charlie Parker might have played among some big cats, but Ian topped them with his stint at the Moscow Circus. He has this to say about the experience ‘clowns really are scary. All in all, he’d rather play with B# where the acrobatics are musical.

Greg Clarkson

This man’s sax will have you stompin’ outta ya shoes. Sublime, in time, he had a certain Swing School director-cum-saxophonist going green with envy at rehearsals. Greg has a Bachelor of Education degree with a double major in music, which he’s used to great effect in his years with IMT, the Midday Show and GMA. His live work includes playing with Louis Belsen , Buddy di Franco, Jo Williamson and Tom Burlinson on the ‘Frank Sinatra Story’. He has co-ordinated acts for the Wangaratta Jazz Festival and recorded several albums with talent such as Larry Maluma and Emma Sidney.