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Following a whole swag of older brothers into learning music, Henry picked up a bugle at 8 and progressed quickly to trumpet at 9. A couple of key teachers encouraged his fascination with the Swing era greats and our lad was soon belting out Harry James with gusto.

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St Albans’ own ‘Young man with the Horn’ was leading Swing and Latin bands by 17, but the siren song of Uni and the corporate world drew his attention away to project management for the next 14 years.

His Swing spark was fanned again by the emergence of the international Swing dance revival in 1999 when he found he was living in one of the world’s Swingiest cities. Swing Patrol recognized his unique musicality, patience, and reliability when they asked him to be one of their first teachers of the dance style in Melbourne. Now, Henry has returned to his first love – live, Big Band Swing. His skill and understanding of business strategy and event management, combined with his deep knowledge and passion for this musical genre, make this smiling gentleman the ideal convenor of the best Big Band in town. What does he have to say about B# now? “I can’t believe it’s all coming together so well – Oh wait, yes I can!”

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Whether it’s the 7, 10 or premium 17 piece line up, the excitement’s always quick to get pumpin’ and the dance floor jumpin’! Needless to say though, the band’s ‘dinner music’ brackets (when requested), are light, sweet & smooth, allowing guests to easily converse as they mingle. And whether the band’s cruisin’ or pumpin’, B# always hosts the ‘cat’s pajamas’ of vocal talent, including renowned chanteuses: Julie O’Hara, Fiona Thorn, Emma Franz and Hetty Kate, plus smooth crooners: Frank Benedetto, Rod Gilbert and David Dean (aka Dean’s Martini), and ‘floor filling’ super groovers: Eugene Hamilton & Rod Davies.

By the way, David Campbell, Ross Wilson, Tom Burlinson, Bob Downe, Tim Campbell, Monica Trapaga, Mark Holden, Jane Clifton, Joe Camilleri, as well as international stars Wayne BergeronWycliffe Gordon & Lorna Luft have also featured as guest vocalists with B#. And speaking of honoured guests, Australian jazz virtuoso, James Morrison has performed with the band on several occasions.